The team at All About Kitchens and Bathrooms understand what an upheaval to family life a renovation can be so we work closely with you to guide you through every step of the way. Our full time project manager will meet with you before any work begins and will go through the entire renovation with you in your home.

Our project manager will then arrange for all the contractors that will be required for the renovation, and have them scheduled in as and when required. So you can feel confident that the project is moving along smoothly.

If building work is taking place this will generally begin before anything else begins, then the plastering and painting will start. Once this is done the kitchen cabinetry or bathroom accessories will be installed depending on which room is being renovated.

The products for the room are delivered the day before they are installed to ensure that everything is on site. The day of installation is normally a busy day with installers, builders, electricians and plumbers all onsite often at the same time working around each other. This is the you will see one of the biggest changes take place in your home. From an empty room to a room that will be the start of something amazing.

From here if the room is a kitchen any touch up painting that needs doing is done, tiling, flooring, bench top templating and installation. Glass splash back templating is done after the bench tops are installed. Or if the room is a bathroom tiling, flooring, painting and waterproofing is done.